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Image by Jeff Tumale

The BBQ Team

Sweet Chipotle BBQ was born in 2000 in Kansas City, Missouri serving authentic, Pit-Smoked Kansas City BBQ. We have served Jefferson City, Columbia & the Lake Ozark Missouri areas the finest barbecue catering for almost two decades.


One of the ways to constantly challenge and hone one's culinary skills is through competition. By using BBQ competitions all over the United States as a development tool, Sweet Chipotle BBQ Team currently measures smoke and swine against the finest barbecue craftsmen in the country.


True competition barbecue is a labor of love, a dedication to many hours of slow cooking over hardwoods maintaining temperatures of no more than 225 degrees. Sweet Chipotle BBQ selects only the freshest and most flavorful cuts of pork, beef and poultry, and hand-trims each one before they are deemed pit-worthy. The meats are gently rubbed and with a combination of spices, before being placed in a specially-designed smoker with hickory, apple, cherry wood smoker for up to 20 hours. Barbecue pit-masters have always agreed on one thing... you can't rush the final product.


The same impeccable quality and care is reflected in the homemade side dishes, salads and desserts. Barbecue is a commitment, and the staff at Sweet Chipotle BBQ works tirelessly to insure each and every customer's satisfaction; from the kitchen, to the serving staff, to the catering crew that delivers to you; each share in this common goal. This dedication, consistency of high quality and attention to detail, are Sweet Chipotle BBQ's promise and unwavering commitment to you, the customer.


Executive Chef Patrick Miller has more than 24 years of experience in special event catering serving Central Missouri, from Kansas City to St. Louis.

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