Dessert Menu

Top off your great BBQ, Buffet or Hors d’oeuvres catered event with one of our fabulous desserts, they are yummy.

Italian Fudge Cake
Flowerless cake


Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cake
With butter cream frosting


Mini Spice Rum Fudge Cake
Strawberry & white chocolate mini


New York Cheesecake, Whiskey Fudge
Cheese Cake, Chocolate Hazelnut
Swirl Cheese Cake


Chocolate Layered Cake
With butter cream icing


Sinkers Cake
Chocolate cake with a peanut nougat filling, covered in a salted caramel butter
cream and topped with a
chocolate gouache


Almond Macaroon Torte
With chocolate frosting & orange compote

Chocolate Decadence Cake
Flowerless cake


Coconut Cheesecake
With passion fruit glaze


Maple Cheesecake
With maple cranberry compote


Maple Gingerbread Layer Cake
In this delicious dessert, tender spice cake
is layered with maple sugar frosting


Grand Marnier Tart


Strawberry Blossom Tart


Raspberry & Champagne Layer Cake


Bittersweet Chocolate Turtle Tart


Mini Banana Rum Fudge Cake


Chunky Apple Cake
With cream cheese frosting

Executive Chef Patrick Miller has more than 24 years of experience in special event catering serving Central Missouri, from Kansas City to St. Louis. Please give us a call at 573-321-6227 or email us at Sweet Chipotle BBQ. If you prefer, use our Contact The BBQ Team form to ensure our availability for your next event.

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